Piya Rang Kala (English Edition)

English Translation
By Professor Ehsan Elahi Ehsan
Extracts from Page 970-974

Dear readers, in the third part of the book you have read of my story relating to Karachi. You have also read about Soofi Noor Din alias Noor Jehan, the prostitute of the Napier Road, Tasleem and Raza and the paralyzed husband of that prostitute lying in the back room of that little house. You would have understood who that prostitute was?” You have also read the story of Mustafa Ali Khan the Seth of Mumbai and also the story of the tablet. This was the same tablet which I had found hanging in the neck of centuries old skeleton on the last upper story of the tower of light on the shore of Spain. From the middle of that tablet, the place of the sun, a gem was missing. Now in search of that gem I was a guest in the house of Mustafa Ali Khan, the Seth of Mumbai. Because of the same tablet strange things happened. The tablet had been taken from me by the Seth forcefully and he had placed it in his most safe place in the safe and had locked the safe but in spite of all the modern cares and arrangement, all the properties inside the safe came out under the drawer below the pillow of the Seth, though these things had been within the closed doors and under the several fool proof locks. These things were recovered by the police and the matter was disposed of thinking it merely the forgetfulness of the Seth. Only the tablet had come back to the inside pocket of my waistcoat from where it had been taken out. The police could not understand this even. It was only I, the Seth and his wife who knew how all this had happened. That was the reason I did not hesitate in giving the tablet to the Seth because the tablet was guarded by its guardians spirits. So the same thing happened. Now the question raises was it possible that such thing should happen and in the presence of seven locks and without any apparent activity that it should come out in such a manner that neither there was heard any sound, or voice nor any thing else was visible or such a thing was against nature, against custom and against human wisdom and understanding. Can such things happen and had any Dervish, Sufi, the Absorbed, the Person knowing the secret knowledge or the person having the earthly or airy knowledge, or any scholar, or practitioner had the power to bring it out or only by the help of the earthly and heavenly, the low and the upper most helps such things could happen?” Before answering this question I would like to say one thing that all this is being done scientifically while all the above mentioned knowledge and the powers are not acceptable to science. Yet the Analysis of the Self, Physics, Metaphysics, the Imaginative Power, the Discerning, the Absorbing Power and such like forces, motives and understandings, there is no hesitation to recognize them. All these activities are helpful in understanding all those things which are beyond wisdom and beyond the manifestations of Nature. Now the matter is, that the heavenly, of the sky, the mean knowledge and the external help and the other methods can also assist to make these things possible?” The answer to this is in affirmative. In the selected Universities of America, Russia and the Europe these branches of knowledge are being taught and there are great scholars and experts in these branches of knowledge. Astrology, the revelation the face reading, the interpretations of dreams, the sleep, the shifting of ideas, the watching of the apparently invisible, the foretelling, the message sending the closing up of the eye sights are the minor examples in this respect. There is such a power within man that man can talk thousand of miles by awakening and controlling them. He can shift his own ideas and can see and listen to the others. Now you may see that the faxc, telephone, television, the wireless are used for talking thousands of miles away. You can see and listen to the other person. If the picture, the writing, and the voice can be sent thousand of miles away or in some sound proof room, or at the bottom of the sea of in the limitless vastness and heights every kind of voice or sound, the static or the dynamic pictures and every kind of writing can be shifted then why the thing cannot be taken out of the safe without making any movement and without touching and opening the safe? Every kind of material has the capability of shrinking and spreading in accordance of its state and cells and it has the characteristics of changing these cells into different shapes, gases, liquids and they have the capabilities to affect the ambiguities and the elements and they can change them immediately or after sometime. In the same manner as the vapors change different acids into gas and the different intrinsic qualities into small grains, earth or some solutions and to bring them back into their original shape is also made possible. There are the material things which have the size, weight and the other burdensome elements. No about those helps and supports which are heavenly and elemental, which do not have any fixed size or weight or sound or shape and which do not have any heaviness or weakness mixed with them, what interference they can have in the performance of the activities beyond Nature. There are such powers in the mind, eye, tongue and limbs of man and they are taking within them such hidden forces that man is performing and can perform such actions which astonish the human wisdom by their use that you will not hesitate a little to say it a spiritual power while their basic relation is with the limbs and not with the spiritualism or to heavenly influence. I have seen an iron piece as thick as a pencil turning with the power of the eye. I have also observed the human decisions changed with the power of the thought and also the stones becoming as mild as wax by the power and the effect of tongue. I have seen many other achievements being made by the mental and intellectual powers. The work that is done with the power of the limbs is not apparently possible for any one to do. Now you may see that along with man (the crown of all creatures) gold, silver, wood and stone (the earthly material) are also changed into elements and then the same elements are changed back into their original shape. From the very beginning of the existence of man, how the souls are put into human body and after how many phases and shapes and at a time the same human body is changed into elemental shape. The dust goes to dust and the order of God is fulfilled. To fly in the air, to walk on the water, to jump in the fire, to reach from one place to the other, to observe the things or to send messages from one place to another, to change a human being, animal or the material things according to ones wishes and to order them, all this are the conscious powers, the supports of the limbs, intellect and consciousness powers of man. Spiritualism has nothing to do with them. I have seen such Sadhu Saints in Himalaya and Tibet who are lying with only one small piece of cloth in the cold and the snow that is going on for the twelve month and below the frozen point. Whereas in ordinary conditions man becomes cramped within twelve minutes and dies away but they have been lying there without eating or drinking and any other need of life, hungry and naked for more than fifty years. The cold, fever, jaundice, winter and heat, nothing can harm them. They are not stung by any snake and no lion or leopard kills them. In the first page of the book you would have read about Saaein Tatoo Sarkar and Baba Rehmat Saaein who made julaibees (a sweet). Tatoo Sarkar was self absorbed and Sufi Rehmat was a salik (a traveler of the path of truth) with a small difference of consciousness and passion they were interlinked with each other. Tatoo Sarkar showed some consciousness at times but such a chance was rare. In those times it was nearly my daily practice that when I was free, I went to Ghorey Shah.

God of the Universe

The man of God who is fully absorbed in his prayer, when he is free from offering prayer his face looks shining with a particular kind of light. His face becomes so clean and he gets such a heavenly scent, which is very pure and effective, so pure that the man whom he addresses becomes so gratified that his head bends with humbleness and he feels an eternal kind of ecstasy within him. The black dogs of the doors of dervishes are a million times more respectable and costly than the white elephants of the courts of the kings. The Creator of the beginning and the end has also created such persons who have been bestowed upon many kinds of knowledge, art, powers and capabilities since their birth. Someone’s inner self was brightened and someone’s eyes were made like mirror and somewhere the chest was made like the valley of Sinai. Their hearts were made soft and their courage made wide. Somebody’s wisdom was made transcendent and some were bestowed with wonderful imaginative power. Somebody's wisdom and sight were made Aristotle and somebody’s eyes we made piercing to the Universe and were made Hakeemul Ummah.

God of the Universe has created such creation's as well with his art, wisdom and design that it was difficult for man to exactly know about their activities, embodiment, death and life and their instinct. Through the books of revelation and the prophet's, whatever man came to know perhaps he was not satisfied with it. This was the point from where the secret knowledge, the heavenly knowledge, the knowledge of the sky, the knowledge of the super wisdom and supernatural and metaphysical and beyond metaphysical started and many secrets came to light. God Almighty had created the angels, genies and the other elements of light and fire before man. All those creatures that were created before the creation of Adam were restricted to their particular kinds of activities and with a particular area. Their elemental difference from man is expressive of the fact that there is a lot of difference between man and those creatures.

The creatures of light, fire, earth, and elemental have their separate worlds, shapes, natures, diets, inner-nature, ages; and each of them have been bestowed their own characteristics. These were the very things that instigated man to know of these creatures and about their relative knowledge. Whatever information God Almighty has provided in His holy book, Al-Quran, in lump sum, detailed, or brief in manner or sometimes only pointing towards them and their names, authorities and characteristics which have been mentioned, man followed the same Quran and the man on whom that Quran is revealed, and tried through his wisdom and deep thinking to understand that heavenly knowledge. The owner of the holy Quran has himself asked man to think and search and has told mankind that they have been given the title of the crown of all creatures.

Mohammed Yahya Khan

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